ASPCA urges Ohio residents to oppose SB331 and HB573

The ASPCA is urging Ohio residents to oppose SB331 and HB 573.  They’ve made it very easy to send a message to your representative by following the link at the bottom of this post:

Update—October 14, 2016:  The House is expected to vote on S.B. 331 or H.B. 573 as soon as the election is over. We urgently need your help to stop this bill from passing the House, so please act now. See action steps below.

Two cities in Ohio, Toledo and Grove City, have already taken a stand against puppy mills by banning pet store sales of puppies sourced from commercial breeders. More than 175 other localities have passed similar laws.

Unfortunately, some Ohio lawmakers, along with Petland (the largest chain of puppy-selling pet stores in the U.S.) are trying to undo the ordinances passed in Toledo and Grove City and prevent other cities from banning the retail sale of puppy mill dogs. They fast-tracked S.B. 331, known as the “Petland Bill,” through the Senate before the Legislature recessed for the summer.

The bill is being misleadingly promoted as a “responsible” pet store regulation. Make no mistake, this legislation will not regulate pet stores and will actually allow puppy mill puppies to be sold in pet stores in Ohio. Its passage would be a giant leap backward in the progress made toward minimizing puppy mill cruelty and keeping greedy commercial breeders from profiting off of unwitting Ohioans.

What You Can Do

There is no time to lose! The Ohio House is expected to vote on this dangerous legislation as soon as the election is over in early November. We can’t defeat it without you. Please help us stop Petland from weakening local Ohio puppy mill regulations by taking these important action steps today:

1.  Place a polite phone call to your state representative urging him or her to oppose S.B. 331/H.B. 573 to make sure Ohio towns can continue to keep puppy mill puppies out of pet stores. If you don’t know your representative’s name and phone number, you can find it here.

2.  Email your representative in Columbus with the same message of opposition by using the form below.

3.  Get involved! Please join us at an in-person community advocacy meeting in mid-October to learn how you can protect puppy mill dogs in your state. Go to this page to find a meeting near you. If you can’t make it to a meeting but would like more information on how you can get involved, please email

Thank you, Ohio!