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Couple asks legislators to oppose Senate Bill 331 on

John and Barb Dorger, of Sycamore Township, write to asking for citizens to contact their legislators to oppose Senate Bill 331:

Puppy mill puppies are bred in inhumane conditions, with minimal USDA regulations, in which the adult dogs live their entire lives. Imagine not being able to stand up or turn around, and you get a picture of the type of conditions the dogs are subject to.

You can fight this cruelty by letting Gov. John Kasich, House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger and your state representative know that you oppose SB 331/HB 573. Your representative’s name can be found online at

Read the complete letter here.

Animal Advocates hold press conference to oppose Senate Bill 331


Advocates against Senate Bill 331Advocates across the state spoke out against Senate bill Corey Roscoe, Ohio State Director of The Humane Society of the United States, Vicki Deisner of the ASPCA, Dr. Michelle Gonzalez of Rascal Animal Hospital in Dublin, Luke Westerman of the Westerman Family Foundation, Steffen Baldwin of ACT Ohio, and Janet Hoy of the Toledo Area Humane Society all shared their perspective on how the bill will be damaging to people and pets.

“(The bill) is an industry-backed effort that will not reform pet stores in any meaningful way,” Diesner said from the Statehouse steps Thursday. “Instead it will permit the continued importation of inhumanely bred puppy mill dogs into our communities.”

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