About this Site

Senate Bill 331 was introduced to the State of Ohio General Assembly quickly in May and passed the Senate more quickly in the same month.  There is some confusion about this legislation.  At first, it sounds like a step forward, but once you dig in you realize that this legislation does more harm than good.  So, a group of concerned citizens in Ohio put this site together to help clarify what this legislation will mean for puppy sales in Ohio.  We tried to create a central repository for what’s happening with Senate Bill 331 and House Bill 573 and Small white dog in a puppy mill kenneloffer a way to easily get others engaged.

Puppy mills are bad places where dogs live terrible lives.  This legislation, despite some clever language, does not do anything to protect dogs from puppy mills.  In fact, it opens the door wider and eliminates the possibility of a local community establishing their own standards.

Please share this site far and wide, via social media, flyers, etc… Let’s stop SB 331/HB573!

If you have any questions, suggestions, or you just want to drop us a note, we’ll do our best to respond. Thanks.